Amazing Applications: The story behind 9 different label samples

At Labelexpo Europe 2019, MPS decided to change the game of our printed label samples.

Instead of using a standard design for our live show demos and label samples, this time we printed a very difficult job with all possible combinations of applications and technologies. We wanted to show a real hybrid solution – and samples that command attention.

A total of 4 laminations, 5 flexo stations, 6 colour inkjet, de-lam/re-lam and turner bar, die-cutting and matrix rewinding were combined. And all within a register deviation of 0.1 mm, at a speed of 65 m/min!


The outcome (above) was a combination of 9 different labels, all printed on the hybrid EF SYMJET press. Using both flexo and digital inkjet technology and additional rail units for special applications, the result is a one-of-a-kind set of samples.

What’s so special about each label?

Label 1: MPS presents Beyond the Machine

This label was printed using digital inkjet and die-cut in-line with perforation.

Label 2: Variable cold foil application

The image was printed digitally using inkjet, and the name (Inge – in this case 😊) was printed with a unit that creates variable data in cold foil, printed in register. During the Labelexpo demonstrations, people in the audience could have their name printed live!


Label 3: Hologram foil

The (variable) image in the background was printed digitally, with hologram foil applied using Distorun. The Distorun rail unit places the image on the cold foil in register to print.

Label 4: Lenticular 3D label (1)

The image was printed digitally with special pre-press. Lenticular foil was applied for a 3D effect.

Label 5 & 6: Lenticular 3D label (2 +3)

Both these images are printed in flexo, after which a lenticular foil was laminated.

DSC_0787-1Label 7: 0.25 pt Microtext

Using Imageworx design and Kodak NX plates, the 0.25 pt microtext was achieved. Printed in flexo.

Label 8: Variable image

Variable images, printed with digital inkjet technology




Label 9: Dome effect

Doming lamination from Kurz was applied using the Distorun unit. The glue for lamination was positioned very accurately with flexo. There was no room for deviation in register, which was perfectly achieved with MPS Crisp.Dot technology.


Successful collaboration

Not only were the samples at Labelexpo a hit and taken home by many of our stand visitors, they proved a successful collaboration with our industry partners by showcasing unique technology and eye-catching embellishments.

1- Explanation of nine samples printed with the new 17” hybrid EF SYMJET press

Interested in learning more about these label samples or receiving your very own set? Contact us!

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