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In 2018, world leader in medication packaging, Omnicell, recognized the need to increase capacity at their St. Petersburg, FL facility and began searching for a flexo press solution to meet the demands of the market. Specializing in high volume blister packaging, Omnicell produces various sing...

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This text was retrieved from an article from Package Prtinting, written by Patrick Henry. 

Perhaps it’s time to take some of the emphasis off the “short” in “short runs” of packaging and labels.

It’s not that the quantities of many orders aren’t smaller — and in some cases, a lot smaller — than t...

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 fs-Etiketten, based in Friesenheim, southern Germany, is a family run business that has been active since 1965. The company, led by Simone Stockigt, Bernd Koch and Roland Schlegel, is always open to innovations and new technologies.

From letterpress to flexo printing

Especially Bernd Koch, Chief...

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Excellent printing quality, fast changeover and a high degree of automation with the MPS EF 520 flexo press enable Milkpack to address any market challenge

At Milkpack, its eight-colour MPS EF 520 narrow web flexo press for sealing lids has reached its design capacity. This was the second MPS flexo p...

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This text was previously published as an article NarrowWebTech issue August 2018. 

In Spring 2018 the US-based print shop Hub Labels installed a MPS EF 430 printing press which is mainly used for linerless labels application. Only two companies in the United States are offering this solution to ...

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"Meyers is committed to staying on top of new technology"

This is an article by Cassandra Belentine from Industrial Print Magazine

Meyers (the first in North America to purchase the MPS EF SYMJET) explains their choice for the EF SYMJET and how hybrid printing helps them to meet the lat...

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