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In the printing industry, as in any industry, it’s important for employees to get along, bond or even establish friendships with co-workers.

This does not mean we need to have regular BBQ’s or go out together every weekend, but it’s important for us to get to know, help, and share ideas with each ot...

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Skilful makeready and job preparation helps reduce machine changeover time and allows you to start the next print job as quickly and efficiently as possible. This increases productivity and generates more income for the company.

There’s no set order to getting things ready for the next job. While the...

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Rotary screen printing is an embellishment process that helps make a label stand out and gives it a unique look. It gives the label an embossed feel (without the embossing process) to add texture and feel to the product, which is appealing to consumers.

There are many effects and uses for rotary scre...

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