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Im letzten Blog habe ich erläutert, wie sich die derzeitige Marktsituation auf die vorbeugende Wartung auswirkt, selbst bei den modernsten Maschinen.

Jetzt ist es an der Zeit, die präventive Wartung im Zusammenhang mit dem Kauf einer neuen Druckmaschine zu betrachten.

Überlegen Sie, bevor Sie eine Ma...

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In my last blog, I discussed how the current market situation relates to preventive maintenance, even on the latest state-of-the-art machines.

Now it’s time to look at preventive maintenance in relation to a new press purchase.

Think before you buy

In modern print shops, a new press is not just ‘anothe...

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A number of positive developments transpired for MPS service over the last few months.

I’ll share more, but first, I want to discuss how to plan a transparent move of your MPS press to a new location — with our help to make that process as smooth as possible.

We have lots of experience moving presses,...

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As MPS Trainings Centre Manager since 2011, I frequently visit customers owning our flexo presses and have observed that operators are not using all the functionalities provided with their machines (such as the automation possibilities), which costs more time and waste.

It occurred to me that perhaps...

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In my last blog, I spoke about how to determine the true value of a label printing press. Now I will delve beneath the iceberg to help uncover what to consider when calculating the real ROI of your press investment.

When purchasing a new press, a converter may visit various manufacturers, see live de...

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Due to European regulation, it’s required to translate certain elements of a label (function, precautions of use, warnings, nominal content) or the entire label in the language of the country you export it to. You’re also well aware that your printing presses are only making money when they are runn...

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You’ve heard it said before – a fully trained operator is key to the success of your printing press. As part of the MPS Academy, I’m excited to share that we’ve designed an in-depth printing course that your operator will appreciate, and one for engineers, too.

Why?  for many printers, time and ...

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There is an increasing demand for short lead times in the label printing industry, which poses a real challenge for everyone on the print shop floor, including production leaders, planners, and operators. Change-over times are often a significant bottleneck in meeting the demanded lead times. Smart ...

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As a Project Manager with MPS since 2005, I’ve learned the importance of a well-trained press operator, especially when they are unfamiliar with flexo technology.

After the sales process is complete and a new MPS press is built and shipped to the customer, our commissioning engineers go onsite to ins...

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