Connect to Grow your business with MPSConnect

We recently introduced Connect to Grow as our new brand promise, aligned to our new vision.

But what does this mean? Bringing experience with machine learning, I'm closely involved in the development of this new strategy.

Why are machine data so important? We found out that most customers do receive manual operator data on performance, reasons for downtime and other operational events. With addition of connectivity in the press, it takes over the insights and operator activities by the second. We are now collecting even more data about the printing press during the day or week. 

These unbiassed insights are valuable to ensure your printing press is well performing and your ROI is maximizing. To ensure a more competitive position in the market, it’s critical for your business to increase the understanding of your overall label print operation.

Beyond the Machine

Our mission is to not only develop and deliver robust, reliable, highly qualified and highly automated printing presses ready for 24 x 7 operations. We also help you achieve the best performance and maximum return from your MPS machine.

Machine Builder to Beyond the Machine

Together, we look ‘Beyond the Machine’ through intensive cooperation. We focus on your results by addressing all aspects involving the printing press.

By making use of hundreds of events and many sensors in the MPS press, continuous streaming data can be collected and analyzed to understand bottlenecks, benchmark, and to continuously improve the press performance.

We call this MPSConnect. This makes your printing press on par with an F1 car.

MPSConnect: 24-7 valuable insights at your fingertips

With MPSConnect, you dive into the printing press and see exactly what’s happening.

Our sensor technology combined with the internet (IoT) makes real-time data collection possible. Many sensors and hundreds of event-registrations in these intelligent presses collect data over all printing and operational processes. The sensors process information like web speed, web tension, power usage, register & pressure settings, alarm messaging, humidity and environmental temperature.

The data factory runs a series of algorithms to create clear performance insights of the press. Software converts this data into an array of reports and charts. These valuable insights are presented 24x7 in the Performance Dashboard on your mobile, computer, at the press, wherever you are. Based on these online, fact-based insights you can optimize performance, improve quality as well as decrease waste and energy consumption.

Reports are available online and can be accessed and reviewed at any time at any place. You’ll be faster than your competitor who doesn’t have access to these valuable insights. And you’ll gain a lot of extra productivity due to the continuous implementation of best practices, reductions of errors and downtimes. All at a much earlier stage.

MPSConnect workflowWhat are the benefits of MPSConnect?

In a nutshell:

  • Real-time performance insights of your machines for relevant KPI's. 
  • Information about maintenance and service.
  • Benchmark information against industry leaders.
  • Identified bottlenecks, errors and inefficiencies in the operator process. 
  • Recommendations for performance optimization and suggested tools from a team of experts. 

MPSConnect enables you to take the right actions for continuous improvements. All of this leads to higher productivity and profit!

Connect to Grow

Connect to Grow is the key to your success. Connect with machines to create insights in your productivity level. Connect with our service for maximum uptime. Connect with our specialists to create access to knowledge and expertise.

By connecting with MPS, you ensure the best in reliability and productivity from your printing press. You’ll increase competitive advantages and maximize profits. Your business will be stronger and ready for future growth.

And the profit continues. Your connection with MPS also enables us to further innovate on technology, connectivity and service for your benefit. This is how we evolve: connect to grow together.


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