Delivering global performance beyond the machine

At MPS, providing customers with premium quality printing presses is a priority. But that’s not all.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide global performance that adds value to your business - extending far beyond the machine.

10 ways we’re at your service

Let’s start with what we offer you, from a Service perspective.

When I say Service, this involves many other departments here too, such as R&D, engineering, and product management, as we all work together to deliver global performance.

From initial press installation to ongoing support for years to come, we can help you in the following 10 ways:

  1. Fast response via

This central e-mail address is the starting point for all your Service-related questions or Helpdesk issues.

MPS Service Coordinators are ready to assist in Europe, Asia and the Americas so you can expect a quick reply regardless of your time zone.

Alternatively, you can call Service at:

Europe:    +31 – (0)26 760 15 05
Americas: +1 (844) 465-7035
Asia:          +60 3 5870 3148

We offer 24/6 general support, and 24/7 for top-end service contracts.

Helpdesk remote diagnostics-1-1

  1. Global Ticketing System

Every email or telephone inquiry received by service is automatically entered into our global ticketing system (Zoho) which generates a unique tracking number.

This means, whenever you contact Service your contact history with machine information is immediately accessible, regardless which Service Coordinator is handling your case.

We can also track how well each case was handled, when you rate our service with a smile 😊 or not ☹. Since this implementation in July, I’m pleased to report our 😊rate was 92%!

  1. Remote support

All MPS presses in the field can connect remotely to our expert care team. Via our remote diagnostics and logs, we can see exactly how your press is performing, determine and resolve the issues if possible, or determine next steps.

  1. Face-to-face support

Even in the digital age, onsite help is not only still needed but valuable.

You can rely on the support of our global service network of engineers trained in our dedicated Technology & Expertise Centre in Arnhem, The Netherlands and employed world-wide.

inspection visit

Our global agent network also offers factory trained, highly experienced engineers. A recent example was at JMB Labels in South Africa, where a new eight-colour MPS EFS 430 flexo press jointly installed and commissioned by our agent ROTOCON and MPS technician.

  1. The Red Box (critical spare parts)

A highly popular and valuable option with the sale of each MPS press, the Red Box provides critical spares that are tailored to your specific press requirements. It saves time and money to have these parts directly available to reduce downtime on your press.

  1. Connectivity

MPS presses can link to pre-press and post-press systems as well as to ERP or Management Information Systems (MIS). Labelled talk to me, this MPS innovation is essentially a protocol that allows for real-time data exchange − hence, control − at any given moment.

  1. Training

A fully trained operator is key to the success of your printing press. As part of the MPS Academy, we’ve designed in-depth printing courses that your operator and engineers will appreciate.

Here’s the schedule of upcoming sessions.

  1. Retrofitting

With new types of labels, advancements in substrates, inks, finishing techniques, and new customer requirements, upgrades may be needed to enhance your press with more recent technology.

We perform all conversions, part replacements and upgrades to keep your press up to date.

  1. Summum service

When purchasing this premium contract, we’ll provide you with priority response, a monthly report of how your press is performing from remote tracking of your press alarm codes, and an onsite yearly visit from an MPS engineer for an extensive press inspection with a detailed report and recommendations to optimize your press.

  1. Press Moves

The relocation of a press may involve an entirely new building and country. And sometimes this move involves more than one press.

Moving MPS presses-1

We can help move your press to a new location and make that process as smooth as possible. With our skilled team of experts and lots of experience moving presses, you’ll be back up and printing labels in no time!

See ‘Beyond the Machine’ in action - at Labelexpo Europe

At this year’s Labelexpo Europe, September 24-27 in Brussels, we’ll show you real examples of how we deliver global performance ‘Beyond the Machine’ on MPS booth 11C20.

Valuable processes that extend beyond a top-quality printing press will be shown, including how to improve productivity in your production process through saving waste and time – with information straight from an MPS printing press.

Bottom line: your MPS press can provide you with valuable information that will help your business grow, and when properly cared for, its lifecycle will be a long one.

We’re here to help make that happen.

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