Environmental and economical gains with waste removal

When printing labels, there is always some waste. No matter how efficiently you’re printing; when producing self-adhesive labels that are die-cut, there is always some matrix left on the substrate. In this blog, I will explain some more about the different possibilities of removing and recycling waste.

At MPS, we care about the environment. That is one of the reasons we’re always looking for new solutions to offer more efficient, sustainable solutions for our customers.

Solutions for matrix removal in flexo label printing

For matrix removal, there are currently  three common market solutions  available: 

  1. Central suction system:

Highly efficient, directly shredding products. This solution comes with an investment.

This solution is highly efficient, since no machine stops are needed for removing the matrix waste roll. However, there can be limitations in speed and the investment and maintenance costs can be relatively high.

Suction system - photo credits: Lundberg

  1. The MPS Non-stop matrix remover

This solution compresses the waste and transports it away with a conveyer belt. Behind the machine, the matrix is disposed in a bag or container. A very convenient and efficient solution, without much human interaction. However, some adhesives might not work well with this system and sufficient space is needed is behind the press.

MPS Non Stop Matrix rewinder MPS Non stop Matrix removal - backside MPS press









  • 3. iStrip

The most common solution that most label printers choose. It comes with many benefits (suitable for difficult shapes, speeds up to 30% higher and easy to operate). However, up to now this solution needed cardboard cores to operate.

MPS iStrip stripping matrix using more sustainable solutionEasy recycling of flexo printing waste without cardboard core - solution by MPS













Thanks to continuous innovation, we have been able to design the iStrip with the possibility to get rid of the inner cardboard cores. This gives two major advantages:

Cost saving on cardboard cores
A normal matrix roll holds about 3000 meter of material. After this it has to be changed. But every time you throw out a matrix roll, you also throw out a cardboard core. One core does not cost the world, but if you calculate this over a year you might be spending several thousands of Euros on cores which you directly throw into the trash.

Environmental advantage: easy recycling
Since the cores are made of cardboard and your matrix likely is another material, the combined product might not be as easy to recycle. By stripping the matrix on a removable plastic sleeve,, you can deliver the waste as a one material stream to the recycling company, who can then recycle this easier. By doing this you don’t only make your company more environmentally friendly, but also reduce your recycling costs

Flexo matrix saved without cardboard core on MPS flexo press

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