When is a flexo/digital hybrid press a viable solution?

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A common challenge label printing companies are facing today is how to achieve and maintain a lucrative cost price per square meter in their overall label and packaging print production.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar in your business?

  1. Minimum flexibility for small jobs. How can maximum flexibility be achieved while maintaining low cost?
  2. Demand for multiple press technologies to process different types of labels. Is it possible to process all orders on a single press?
  3. Difficult to achieve and maintain a lucrative price per square metre in combination with processing smaller and more diversified jobs. How can this be attained?
  4. In most printing environments there are separate order flows. When an order comes in, it is either laid out for digital or flexo print, which is dependent on the available production capacity. How can orders be streamlined regarding logistics, process flow optimization etc.?

For companies facing these challenges, a hybrid press could fill the gap by providing converters with the capability to combine flexo and digital printing inline, as well as converting in one pass. 


Variable data possible with a hybrid press

Is hybrid printing the answer?

Answering the question as to when a hybrid narrow web press is the viable solution is dependent on some factors. For example, the quantity of smaller sized jobs, the degree of processing of different types of labels, more diversified jobs, and to what extent workflows congest production capacity.

Thanks to its flexibility, a hybrid press is beneficial in many ways. Although initially a larger investment, the ongoing ability to exchange print technologies and produce labels in either flexo or digital print, or a combination of both technologies, is a significant long-term advantage of a hybrid press.

It is recommended that a label printer reviews the number and type of jobs run over the years, to determine whether the job structure might be more favorable with hybrid printing.

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We recently published a free whitepaper about hybrid printing: When is a flexo/digital hybrid narrow web press a viable solution for your company?

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  • What the industry experts say about hybrid printing
  • MPS’ hybrid solution: the EF SYMJET
  • How to decide whether a hybrid press is a viable solution for you.

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If you have any questions about hybrid printing, please feel free to contact us. Our printing specialists are happy to advise you on how to create a future proof printing process with your hybrid press.

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