Safety in the printing process: from intern to R&D Engineer

MPS is growing and offers many diverse career opportunities. I have first-hand experience! Here’s how I went from a graduate intern to the new MPS Research & Development Engineer.

Safety on the job

Safety is one of the most important concerns in every company. Especially in an environment where flammable substances are used that may cause explosions.

The focus of my internship was to investigate explosion safety — to show that solvents used in MPS printing presses meet the essential legal safety requirements, and to examine how MPS can enhance their policy concerning this subject.

Koen_press_technology.jpgATEX 114 directive

Because solvents used in inks may lead to an explosive environment, the ATEX 114 directive applies to MPS printing machines. The ATEX (an abbreviation for the French ATmosphères EXplosives) is a European guideline that sets requirements for safeguarding the safety of devices intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

 I confirmed the current measures taken by MPS are sufficient to meet the requirements, but discovered a few small adjustments for improvement. My next blog will explain more about ATEX requirements.

Risk management

An essential factor for success in safety is risk management is. It’s important to identify, minimalize and control risks when you use explosion-sensitive substances or products.

From my risk analysis, I suggested some adjustments to reduce the risk of explosions. For example, to reduce the size of the safety contour of the press. I also went to a customer site for testing, and with a small adjustment in airflow I helped prevent serious problems.  

From intern to R&D Engineer

When I began my internship at MPS, I could not have imagined being hired so quickly as their new Research & Development Engineer. Having a job 6 months later is a big privilege. I’m grateful to MPS for the opportunity to apply what I learned during my studies.

As an R&D Engineer, I strive to improve existing machines and development of new techniques and systems. I’m responsible for testing machines, researching how the market is developing, and designing improvements.

 I do my work with the printer in mind, as they run our presses and rely on us to help improve the printing process. My designs are only improvements when they meet their needs and make printing easier, safer and better.

Are you MPS’ new intern?

MPS is always looking for young talent to join their forces.

Are you seeking a (graduate) internship? Whether in the field of Safety, or something totally different, MPS offers plenty of options from Engineering to HR, Finance or Marketing. The possibilities are endless!

Let MPS know what you’re looking for and get in touch!

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