Grupo Impryma: a 10-year flexo journey with MPS in Spain and Portugal

Agent blog by Félix Prieto of Grupo Impryma, MPS' local representative in Spain and Portugal.

When I think of MPS and their flexo presses, I can’t help but smile.

Impryma has always represented high-tech printing technology in Spain and Portugal. But when we recognized how much MPS benefited the label industry, and their continuous commitment to new innovations in flexo technology, we fell 100% in love.

Our long-standing 10-year relationship with MPS has elevated our print expertise. As one of our flagship suppliers, our sales and service revolves around MPS.

foto-01Juan Bosco (Grupo Impryma), Bert van den Brink (MPS), Eric Hoendervangers (MPS), & Félix Prieto (Grupo Impryma)

Over 40 years in the industry

Grupo Impryma, which combines the words IMPResión y MAnipulación
(printing and finishing), was founded in 1978 by Antonio Mayordomo and Luis Muro, and is now owned by me (66%) and Antonio Mayordomo (33%). We offer leading equipment for graphic arts, labels & packaging, and coding industries. Our offices are located in Barcelona & Madrid, both offering administration, sales and service assistance.

Label printers in Spain and Portugal

The expectations of label printers and converters in Spain and Portugal, when considering a printing press investment, has changed.  Today, price matters tremendously, much more than it did years ago.
It’s a pity that only a certain level of quality is required when choosing a manufacturer, with more emphasis on an attractive price tag. When offering MPS, we focus on surpassing flexo technology expectations with a fair price in return. Understanding the true value of a label printing press is very important. And we appreciate the MPS philosophy behind every press they build: operator focused, results driven.

Ovelar fully embraces shrink sleeves

One of our MPS customers, Grupo Ovelar, sees shrink sleeve printing as the future. In fact, they decided to sell their label division to just focus on shrink sleeves – and has taken production to the next level with a fourth MPS combination press.

ovelar02-1 In addition to flexographic plates, rotogravure printing units are also integrated into Ovelar’s new MPS press which can apply various types of high-quality inks or vibrant graphic effects to create premium shrink sleeves. Traditionally self-adhesive label printing remains a very popular market in our territories, with digital labels printed on very small runs.

State-of-the-art facility in Madrid

This month, we’re celebrating the 2nd year in our state-of-the-art facility in Madrid! It’s here where we welcome our partners and customers with flair, along with a dedicated demo area to showcase the solutions we represent. foto-03Take a look for yourself over on our Instagram account! On the wall behind where guests are treated to a celebratory drink and something yummy to eat hangs a sign that says: 

In this company, we... 

Listen to the customer 

Are committed to offer

the best service Respect

our partners Want to

grow with our customers 

Always think long term.


Eric Hoendervangers at the opening of Grupo Impryma’s new facility in Madrid. 

That’s what Grupo Impryma is all about. Visit Grupo Impryma online at  

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