How collaboration resulted in first-ever bespoke flexo/embossing printing solution

For over 18 years, I’ve led the MPS Systems branch office here in the UK. As a result, I’ve met many fantastic label printers and witnessed first-hand the evolution of innovative label printing.

One such printer is The Label Makers – a private, family-owned business that has served UK-brands for over 50 years and known for designing and producing high-quality premium labels for food, beverages, toiletries, household and luxury items.

Owning three of our flexo presses, including an older EC model running full production for over 13 years, The Label Makers is a valuable MPS partner.

So, when the managing director David Webster approached Tony Bell, sales director at A B Graphic International (ABG) and me with a request for a bespoke flexo/embossing printing solution, we were up for the challenge!

The collaboration

Label embellishment that creates strong visual and tactile impact on products is a specialty of The Label Makers. Over the years, they heavily invested in key technology solutions to expand their expertise.

To reduce tooling and hot foiling cost while increasing production speed in conventional printing, David wanted to combine flexo printing on their MPS EF 10-colour press with an integrated ABG Big Foot hot foil/embossing module.

The ABG Big Foot features 50 tons of pressure, with the capability to run multiple foil feeding along and across the web to create stunning effects and finishes, and cost effectively by using foil save.

As the Big Foot was previously designed to accommodate maximum material width of 320mm, the solution involved engineering effort from ABG to accommodate a 430mm length on the MPS press.

Tony and I closely collaborated during the project to ensure a seamless installation.

First-ever bespoke solution

In just months after David’s initial request, The Label Makers became a proud owner of an MPS/ABG combination press – marking the first time an ABG Big Foot module is integrated on a flexo press, along with another first in the module accommodating 430mm material.

“I am extremely pleased with both MPS and ABG in successfully delivering us a highly customized solution for label embellishment,” said Webster. “During a week-end they began work on integrating the MPS EF press with the newly engineered ABG Big Foot hot foil/embossing module and within a week we were up and running – in perfect registration.”
The MPS EF 430 flexo press integrated with an ABG Big Foot 50-ton hot foil and embossing module

The MPS EF 430 flexo press integrated with an ABG Big Foot 50-ton hot foil and embossing module

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Label printing with an edge

With their MPS/ABG combo press, The Label Makers can run larger label print runs in a single pass, embellished with silkscreen or multi-coloured hot foil for the ultimate in luxury decoration of beer, wine, spirits and personal care labels.

Offering a full range of services in label printing, The Label Makers is fully-equipped to provide digital, conventional and embellished designs, as well as increasingly popular peel and read labels. They work with customers to find the process which generates maximum impact for their brand and ensures product stands out - in even the most competitive of sectors.

Interested in learning more about this bespoke flexo/embossing printing solution? Contact me or leave a comment below.

About the authorNickTyrer_MPSSystemsUK

Nick Tyrer is Sales Director of MPS Systems UK Ltd. and is based in Wigan, England. 

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