Hybrid Printing: the value proposition of MPS and Domino

Hybrid printing is the hottest topic in the label printing market today. But the combination of flexo and digital inkjet technology is still relatively new. When considering buying a hybrid press there is a lot of information available, but what makes one stand apart from another? In this blog, I will discuss the key differentiators of the MPS and Domino in the hybrid EF SYMJET press.

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The combination of flexo and digital inkjet technology

The EF SYMJET press from MPS and Domino, offers the possibility of conventional flexo, embellishments and digital inkjet. At MPS, we chose to work with a reliable partner, specialized in digital inkjet printing, instead creating our own inkjet technology and chasing the leaders in the industry. We found the right partner in Domino, and their proven N610i digital press is the perfect match for our flagship flexo press, the EF.

So, the EF SYMJET is the symbiotic combination of the MPS EF flexo platform and a fully integrated Domino N610i digital inkjet unit. But what does this offer exactly?

Best in class


  • The highest level of automation in the industry
    • i-Control - Automated pressure settings and pre-register that are stored in job memory
    • AutoTeach – web path change is as simple as teaching a sensor
    • CleanCap – Automated inkjet head cleaning
    • Stitch Link - Servo adjusted InkJet head alignment
  • The quickest conventional changeovers, to match digital presses
    • Quick Change Clean Hand Technology
  • Proven uptime

Print Quality

  • Consistent repeatable results

Proven Technology

  • Over 500 MPS flexo presses sold world wide
  • Over 500 Domino inkjet installs world wide

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Less down time, more uptime. Automation means productivity
  • Lower ink costs
  • Service Package – No surprises in total cost of ownership

 MPS EF SYMJET - hybrid technology_LR

The added value of the hybrid EF SYMJET press

The fully automated EF SYMJET press combines time-saving technologies with the highest print quality which means increased productivity and decreased waste. But what exactly is the added value yearly?

Based on 1 shift with the following layout and parameters:       

 4 Stations Conventional / 25 jobs per week / 50 weeks a year / Press time $300 per hour

The automation and quick-change features of the EF press will save at minimum 1 minute per station on the set-up and recall of the press. On the Domino, the Clean Cap and Actiflow functions will gain you time saving of 20 minutes in cleaning per shift. This means a saving of 83 hours yearly on the flexo/conventional part of the press, and 85 hours yearly on the digital side.

Material is also saved thanks to the operator-friendly iControl press operation, Crisp.Dot print quality, and the Stitch Link technology on the digital side. This combined with shorter set-up times, gains a material saving of 25,000 feet!

Your Yearly Added Value would be 25,000 feet less waste, $51,000 of sellable uptime and 1,000,000 feet more total throughput.hybrid whitepaper MPS Systems

Would you like to know more about the EF SYMJET press? Download the product brochure EF SYMJET here

Would you like to learn more about hybrid printing in general? Download our free whitepaper about Hybrid Printing here:


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