iControl: the button that makes the difference

At MPS, we are ‘Operator Focused, Results Driven’. When I first started working as a Commercial Product Manager, I wondered what that meant exactly. I found out, that it’s all about operator-friendly press solutions.

A good example of one of these operator-friendly solutions, is the iControl. In this blog, I’ll explain how the iControl works, and how this button really makes the difference.

iControl: an operator-focused solution

You can optimize your printing process and presses as much as you want with automation, but when the press operator is not comfortable operating the press, you never accomplish the initiated result. Press operators will have to still have to fine-tune the press settings to get the required output.

The iControl technology — which is simple, intuitive and stress-free to operate — enables the operator to choose and run individual functions via a small touchscreen and a rotary button, greatly simplifying machine control and operation, minimizing operator errors and maximizing results.


Setting register and print pressure

Using the rotary iControl button, the operator can easily turn the button to set both the register and the print pressure. The iControl can be used for three different settings:

  • Print register
  • Pressure between the anilox and the mandrel
  • Pressure between the mandrel and the web


setting the register using the rotary iControl knob

Working intuitively, the iControl clicks every time a step in the settings changes. This way, the operator feels what he is doing even without looking at the settings on the screen. It feels like the feedback from a manually adjustable press.

Colored lights indicate the status of the press like: on/off, standby, running and error.

When the register needs to be adjusted manually, the operator uses the iControl button. On automated presses, there is also an option for Auto Register. Auto Register holds the register and adjusts it with a precision of at least 0,10 mm. Easy operation, perfect results!

See here below a video of the iControl functionality.

Of course, iControl is just one of many operator-friendly MPS solutions. If you would like to learn more about our operator-friendly innovations, I can highly recommend this blog from Technical Director Bert van den Brink: ‘5 operator-friendly innovations that contribute to better results’

Button Register operator training

MPS offers various operator trainings for operators to get used to MPS presses or printing technologies in general. If you are interested in joining a training yourself, or organizing a training for your operators, feel free to contact us! 

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