Is your MPS press on the move? Service has you covered.

A number of positive developments transpired for MPS service over the last few months.

I’ll share more, but first, I want to discuss how to plan a transparent move of your MPS press to a new location — with our help to make that process as smooth as possible.

We have lots of experience moving presses, and can ensure you’ll be back up and printing labels in no time!

Plan before you move

The relocation of a press may involve an entirely new building and country. And sometimes this move involves more than one press.Moving MPS presses

We can help plan and execute your next press move. After a consultation of the planned press, destination and facility, we can provide the time frame, defined costs, and how to get your press ready.

Our qualified technicians will arrive on your site prior to the move for press dismantling, placement on pallets, and preparation for shipping.

Getting your press back online

99% of the time, the same technicians will arrive at your press’s new location to get it back up and running.

Once reassembled, a full diagnostic print check will ensure the machine performs exactly as before. We’ll also set-up tooling, configure software, and have spare parts on hand should they be needed for any critical replacements, such as those you can order in The Red Box.

We’ve helped move machines to different countries – such as a recent move of three presses from Germany to Poland. And, we can help move older presses, too, such as the EC and EP models (yes, they’re still in full operation after 18 years!).

Utilizing our qualified technicians and expertise ensures the successful move of your press to a new home.

Training sessions are big hit

I was extremely pleased with turnout and response to our initial operator and engineer flexo training sessions held in September! Training course - theory

The 3-day (operator) and 5-day (engineer) sessions on our EF multi-substrate press take place at our Technology & Expertise Centre in Arnhem, The Netherlands. We keep the size of the classes limited, to ensure an open and interactive environment.

After the initial September sessions, we took feedback from the evaluation forms and integrated suggestions into our November sessions, to make the training even better! In fact, one printer was so pleased with the training, another operator was registered for the next session.

Also added was a training exclusively in Russian (presentation and handouts) which takes place Monday, November 26 – Wednesday, November 28 (and is fully booked!).

We’re planning more operator and engineer training sessions in 2019 –click here for the dates or click the below circle of choice to register online and be notified of dates. In addition to English, sessions will be available in Russian, German and Dutch, too!

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Connectivity at World of Technology & Science (WoTS)

Last month at WoTS in Utrecht, the Netherlands I was privileged to share my vision about the potential for manufacturers in creating new business models with a different mindset, that involves the Internet of Things, Big Data and optimising the workflow.

Marc-Jan Goossink speaking at WOTS 2018

The audience was keen to learn more about connectivity, and our participation sent an important message that MPS does much more than just build machines to print labels.

We take innovation and the future very seriously, as evident in our 'talk to me' connectivity technology. The most important message about connectivity is to think big, start small, but ... start now!

At your service

If you’re planning a press move, have questions about our operator and engineering training sessions, or curious to learn more about connectivity, here's how to contact MPS Service and Support.

Be sure to also watch our short and educational FAQ Friday videos that answer a lot of questions related to service!

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