Label Printing Snippet Part 25: Online training and demonstrations

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, training and press demonstrations has gone from hands-on, face-to-face to online using Microsoft Teams or other types of video conferencing.

This is still an effective way to receive training or see a press demonstration, though it’s not as comprehensive as in an on-site setting. Some people also find it difficult to absorb information in virtual meetings.

However, this is the reality we must deal with for now, and we’ve adapted to provide the best interactive training and demo experience possible.

Online training

Some may wonder: why does a printer need to be trained if they can already run a press?

Even the most experienced printer needs to know the capability of a press, what controls the various parts, as well as any unique features.

Whether a printer is at a company in the process of changing machines, or starting at a new company, they need to go through a training program. Length of training is dependent on complexity of the press, the work being printed, and the printer’s skill.

Online training is not just for printing but can also be used for maintenance issues, service, program and performance reports and many other aspects of the printing process.

An advantage of online training is that it can be recorded and reviewed until the task at hand is fully understood. This allows questions via email even after the trainer has left the original training session.

MPS_control_panel_iControl_2_LRThe only downside I see for online training or demonstrations is the requirement for more resources to be involved than just the trainer.

Additional people are required to film, record audio, and monitor and give feedback on any questions that may come through. This need for additional people can take longer to organize but is important for the best results.

To learn more about the full range of MPS training programs, contact MPS and speak with one of our training experts.

[TIP: Watch our FAQ Friday video playlist, where we answer common questions regarding MPS press capabilities and service]

Online press demonstrations

An online press demonstration such as the one pictured below was conducted with the MPS EF SYMJET.


This is not something new but is becoming more popular with travel restrictions or as people are less willing to fly. It gives the opportunity for the customer to send some new or current print jobs they have and like to see demonstrated. The file and all job requirements are sent and discussed with the customer before a live online demo date is scheduled.

When the demo goes live, the customer will watch the demonstration with multiple camera angles while a live speaker explains what’s taking place. The customer can interact and ask questions at any time and will be shown samples of each job as printed. Samples are then sent to the customer for quality checks, registration, colour control, etc.

A live demonstration is also beneficial for potential customers to view the press and its capabilities such as job set up and waste control. The cost of job production and much more can be further discussed in a separate meeting after the demonstration.

An online demonstration is not the same as being there in person, but does have the advantage of lowering travel costs.

Request a live press demonstration

The capability of an MPS press is vast; it can perform a wide range of printing and applications. For your online demonstration, you can choose the different kinds of jobs you’d like to see and provide your own material.

A two- to three-week lead time is needed to prepare and get all the materials ready for your online demo. This will be organized and performed by the MPS Technology & Expertise Centre for a demo that meet your needs and requirements.

If you would like to know more or arrange an online demo, please email us at or contact your MPS area sales manager directly.

Get in touch

I hope this has been helpful and your future MPS online training or demonstration will be a great experience and a useful tool. They are designed to help you decide on a machine purchase that fits your company’s needs and provide the required training.

If this snippet was helpful in any way please leave a comment, or if you have any suggestions or questions contact me anytime. You can reach me via LinkedIn or via email

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