Flexo label printing: It's all about the branding!

Guest blog by Sarah Bruton – Business Development Manager Xpress Labels

As a Business Development Manager at Xpress Labels in the UK, I’m always looking for ways to promote our business. I love being creative I love working with our R&D and production department to see what our presses are capable of.


I have a design background and then was in the beauty industry for many years, so I like to use my experience to make labels more attractive, too!As a label printing company, it is important for us to stand out from the crowd. Blank labels are necessary in this industry but aesthetically not very exciting, and that’s why we like to show the most beautiful finished and embellished labels to our customers. Part of our strategy to be more competitive, is to do these kinds of projects partnering with innovative companies to show what we’re capable of and what their products can help achieve.



Dorothy the MPS flexo press


One project we did recently, was an R&D project together with partners in reprographics and suppliers of  substrates, inks and plates. Our new press, the MPS EB 370 – affectionally called Dorothy – was pushed to her limits, printing a very special label with beautiful vibrant colours and embellishments. 

I believe that in our industry, it is key to reduce the environmental damage from print and packaging. That’s why we chose to print a series of labels, embracing the beauty of the animal kingdom. 

We purchased the MPS EB flexo press earlier this year to expand our capacity. We are very happy with this press, as it shows off the high flexo quality and it easily prints in perfect register.  Our MPS press plays a hugely important role in our R&D projects, using its capabilities to produce what we develop, the MPS helps us achieve these results!


Industry cooperations for the best R&D results

In this specific R&D project that we call “Dottie the Siamese Fighting Fish”, we worked together closely with partners like Avery Dennison, Kurz, Kodak, Paragon Inks and Pulse. The label was embellished with a special hologram foil for a beautiful 3D effect. The MPS EB press was equipped with Apex GTT anilox rolls and Kodax NX High Resolution plates.


I’m looking forward to doing many more labeling projects in the future, together with MPS and our industry partners.

In fact show case #2 is currently underway this again working with some of the same partners but this time we will also be partnering with the innovative Bellissima DMS (Digitally Modulated Screening) system from Hamillroad and this time we shall be adding a little extra magic to it.

If you would like to know more about our work, please feel free to contact me via: email sarah.bruton@xpresslabels.com.

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Sarah Bruton is Business Development Manager at Xpress Labels, based in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. She generally loves labels and helps companies to put the right label on their brand.

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