Lockdown doesn’t stop MPS Asia!

COVID-19 has affected the world for a few months now. To avoid spreading the coronavirus, almost all of us around the world are advised to not go outside and work from home.

In Malaysia, the government has restricted our movement for over 28 days. And it really helps to control the situation - the confirmed cases are in control and the number is starting to reduce!

Even though COVID-19 has given us lots of inconveniences such as not being able to travel, meet our prospects, and service our customers, we continue working hard in front of our laptops to provide the necessary support.

Thanks to today’s technology, we can use many different resources to provide the best support for our clients. Every morning we have a Microsoft TEAMS meeting for a status update and set action items for the day.  Our engineers are on call 24/7 for backup support and prepare for the next service requirement.

Asia team meeting 1

Installations now conducted online!

Our Service Team Leader, Mr. Julius Urbano is preparing remote online sessions for upcoming customer press installations, together with the assistance from MPS agents.

Mr. Budi Dermawan is in Indonesia giving service support to local clients and is responsible for dial-in enquiries from our Asia customers.

Currently in Taiwan is Mr. Teh Chiau Khuang, installing the second MPS machine and training the operators. The whole process from A-Z is purely done by himself. He is also supporting our other Taiwan clients to ensure optimal performance of their flexo presses. 

Every one of us at MPS Asia are in constant communication with all parties through online applications (including agents, customers, prospects and internal colleagues) to make sure everything is taken care of!

Asia Engineer working during lockdown period

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We are here for you!

COVID-19 forces us to work from home. It is not a rest, but a fight! The whole MPS team are still doing the best and providing the best, and we hope everyone is safe and sound! Health comes first!

Asia team is here for you

Contact us if you need MPS Support in Asia at +60 3 5870 3148 or service@mps4u.com, and general inquires at +60 3 5870 3163 or info-asia@mps4u.com.

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Stay safe!  

MPS Systems Asia Team


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