Mission Control: Here’s how we keep your presses running


Our experienced inbound technicians and service engineers help keep your press lines running.

Whether you need our problem-solving helpdesk, routine maintenance, spare parts or a training program — you need the confidence of ongoing support.

We’re ready to assist around the world!

Mission Control

Our help desk provides experienced MPS service technicians for immediate machine support or general service inquiries — regardless of your time zone.

They go on-line via remote diagnostic controls built with each press and successfully resolve service requests 90% of the time. Our service engineers quickly respond to customer issues that need to be resolved on-site.

Many of our agents additionally provide dedicated service technicians that are well-trained and can offer effective local service to our customers.

For direct connection to our service hotline, dial +31 (0) 267 601 505.

Keep your press well-maintained

Presses need regular maintenance to keep them running optimally.

Our service maintenance agreement helps prevent your press downtime through consistent and yearly maintenance performed by an MPS certified engineer.

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Looking for support to drive even more performance results from your press?

Focused support from a team of MPS experts can help you shorten job production time and minimize material waste. Based on data insights via MPSConnect, we support you in defining performance goals and actions to achieve performance improvements - and thus increase competitive advantages and maximize profits.

Learn more about MPSConnect here.

Spare parts when you need them

We provide all critical spare parts tailored to your specific press requirements. To place an order, call our service hotline at +31 (0) 267 601 505 or send us an email here.

As a highly popular and valuable option with the sale of each MPS press, The Red Box ensures popular replacement parts are available at your manufacturing facility — when you need them.

On-site or virtual training programs

Technology & Expertise Centers are located at our headquarters in Arnhem (the Netherlands) and at MPS Systems North America in Levittown (USA).

For operators new to a company or seasoned operators looking to refresh their knowledge, we provide tailored online or on-site training programs. The program length is dependent on complexity of the press, the work being printed, and the operator’s skill.

Even the most experienced printer needs to know the capability of a press, what controls the various parts, as well as any unique features.

Online or on-site training can also be used for maintenance issues, service, program and performance reports and many other aspects of the printing process.

Our Technology & Expertise Centers are also a hub for press developments and enhancements to address market needs.


How to contact MPS Service and Support

MPS provides service available to support you via the expert helpdesk available at:

1. Service Support hotline
+31 26 760 15 05 (option 1, Support)

2. For support in ordering spare parts:
Service Spares hotline
+31 26 760 15 05 (option 2, Spares)

3. For all inquiries regarding general MPS service maintenance requests, inspection visits and engineer visit planning:

i. General Service hotline
+31 26 760 15 05 (option 3, Service)

ii. MPS Systems North America
+1 (844) 465-7035

iii. MPS Systems Asia
+60 3 5870 3148


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