MPSConnect: the next step

In the last article, we discussed how MPSConnect provides 24-7 valuable insights at your fingertips.

With MPSConnect, we place hundreds of sensors in the presses, perform data analysis, and feed that information back to our customers. This help us know exactly how your printing press is performing, into the decimal points. Click here to learn more about MPSConnect.

However, having data and reports alone is not enough. So, what’s the next step?

MPSConnect: the Next Step

Drive even more performance results from your machine

Focused support from our team of experts can help you shorten job production time and minimize material waste.

Based on data insights via MPSConnect, we support you in defining performance goals and actions to achieve performance improvements - and thus increase competitive advantages and maximize profits.

Examples of what MPS provides customers to help them grow:

1. Performance improvements

MPSConnect - Performance Improvement

With gained insights, Total Cost of Ownership checks, and/or video analysis our experts work closely with your operators to improve machine performance. Together we benchmark productivity of your machine with that of other printing companies and best practices.

2. Technical Support & Warranty

MPSConnect - Technical Support & Warranty

MPS proactively checks error messages and alerts and shares tips to resolve them. Annually, we evaluate and check the technical condition of your machine. We provide online support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer warranty programs up to 5 years after initial purchase.

3. Training

MPSConnect - Training

To bring knowledge and skills to the necessary level, MPS offers customized trainings for operators, engineers, and production managers to help you receive the maximum return from the machine. MPS also offers lean training courses for for operators and management teams.

Executed performance programs have proven improvements of changeover time, increased production speeds and waste reduction resulting in increasing additional savings with €50.000 - €100.000 every year!

In short, you gain:

  • Increased machine capacity by 10-20%.
  • Reduced waste by 3-5%.
  • Recurring and increasing annual cost savings of €50.000 - €100.000, thanks to more efficient workflow, time management and waste reduction.

These benefits are typical performance improvements MPSConnect customers realize. As a result, your net capacity will increase to run more customer jobs, having shorter lead time, higher reliability and generating higher income.

"MPS is leading towards an ideal world where the printing press sets itself, based on saved data and connection with the pre-press system and order management. By automation and machine learning, we now have eye-opening insights in the unbiased performance of our presses.” Peter Overbeek, Eshuis, the Netherlands

Start now with MPSConnect

All new generation MPS machines are equipped with MPSConnect. Older-generation MPS presses can in most cases be updated with hardware and software to take advantage of this innovative technology.

Highest security is assured as all your performance data is encrypted, safely stored in the cloud, and customers only have access to their own machine data.

With Connect to Grow as our new brand promise, we enable our customers to unleash the full potential from their printing presses to gain maximum performance and maximum return on investment.

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