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MPS’ connectivity & performance services are intended to unleash the full potential of the MPS machines in the world.

We provide insights about the performance of your machine(s) and we connect and actively work with you to translate these insights into business improvements. This should not have been possible with our innovative cloud platform based on data coming directly from the machine (Internet of Things), every second of the day, 365 days a year.

The new benchmark monitor

The benchmark monitor is the newest product in the connectivity & performance offering from MPS. This interactive 24/7 accessible and daily updated tool gives customers the opportunity to benchmark their machine(s) with 150+ other machines in the field on 20+ key performance indicators. The tool gives you the opportunity to choose the label or flexible packaging segment you want to compare yourself with. This results in a benchmark with your own, anonymous, peer selection over a selected period of time.

Looking at the benchmark itself you have the option to choose one of the 5 standard benchmarks (change-over, speed, job setup, machine usage & roll change) or to fully customize your benchmark with the 20+ key performance indicators.

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Compare yourself on a general level

Do you want to compare yourself on a general level against your peers? MPS ranked all machines based on 5 key performance indicators and gives you a score which tells you more about your machine(s) performance compared to your peers.

If you have more than one MPS machine in your facility or company, you can compare your own machines in one click.

Besides comparing your machine(s) with your peers we also give insights in best practice numbers on all core printing processes. This should give you guidance in your optimization approach.

The tool gives you direction in setting new goals and stay ahead or to keep up with your peers.

The key benefits for your organization:

  • 24/7 accessible
  • Daily updated data!
  • 20+ key performance indicators
  • Benchmark against your own peers
  • Quick insight in your overall performance
  • Industry best practices on most important indicators
Do you want to know more about it?

Please contact your local agent or the performance team from MPS.

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