Product diversification: the advantages of multi-layer label printing

You probably know them as booklet labels, peel & reveal, or peel & seal labels. I’m talking about multi-layer labels. Labels that exist of multiple layers, glued together with text or images on multiple sides.

But what are the advantages of multi-layer labels? And how to print multi-layer labels in your company? At MPS, we have different solutions. Let me guide you through some of them.


Why multi-layer labels?

Multi-layer labels are often used for special promotions, or to display a lot of information or multiple languages. The extra layers create additional surface to print on.

Multi-layer labels are also a great way to diversify your products. Diversification is very important as there are many standard label printers entering the industry, such as sheet-fed offset printers that are adding labels as they look to diversify their own businesses. To be different, you need to be looking to move into special label applications and different products.

Want to know more about product diversification, and how it can contribute to the future of your business? Download our free whitepaper here.

 Diversify label business with multi-layer booklet labels

Solutions for printing multi-layer labels

To be able to use the complete surface of the label, the labels are often printed on both the front- and the backside. This can be done by de-lam/re-lam, to print on the adhesion side of the label. To create labels with multiple layers, these are the most common solutions:

  • Cross over
    with a cross over unit, the printed web is cut into multiple lanes of material. These lanes are then positioned on top of each other.
  • Infeed multiple webs
    It is also possible to infeed multiple webs, and laminate them on top of each other. With an extra unwinder on rail or on the floor, you can add an extra web. The advantage of this system, is that you can combine different materials.
  • In-register laminator
    Even with an in-register laminator, it is possible to print multi-layer labels. With an in-register laminator, you can add a pre-printed web on the web that’s being printed, and all in register. With this technology, it is possible for a relatively simple machine to create a very complex label!  

We can create custom-made solutions to print multi-layer labels, on any type of MPS press. Here are some examples of existing presses:

 How to print multi-layer labels


Would you like to more about multi-layer label printing? Or what solution we have for your specific application? Please feel free to contact me for more information!

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