Selling MPS presses in the challenging Brazilian market

Agent blog by Gustavo Virginillo from Coras do Brasil, MPS' local representative in Brazil and Argentina. 

For over 39 years, Coras do Brasil seeks to serve all customers in the Brazilian narrow web market with the best solutions worldwide.

An important part of these leading solutions are MPS presses.

At Labelexpo Europe 2017, Coras do Brasil and MPS together with Flexoprint, a major label manufacturer in Brazil, signed the sale of the EF SYMJET, the first in Latin America.

This sale accelerated the entire process of restructuring our targeted Brazilian market, with hiring people focused specifically to meet the needs of narrow web printers looking to embrace flexo/inkjet hybrid technology.

The secret to success in Brazil

Without a doubt, the Brazilian market is a great challenge for everyone.

With large multinational and family companies, and a country soon to be politically restructured, makes it more challenging every day to meet the expectations and needs of each customer.

But the secret to our success is being present, to actively participate in decisions clients make, and provide reliable service with highly trained personnel.

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EF SYMJET - record installation and training!

Our customer's expectation of the EF SYMJET installation was great, and ours much larger. Why? Because it was the first MPS hybrid machine in the market, so we anticipated a complex installation.

Truth is, the installation and training proved easy, simple and fast.

Only 20 days were spent: 10 days of installation and 10days of training, with MPS and Domino working harmoniously together. On day 21, the customer began manufacturing their labels with the extreme quality of digital printing and agility of the hybrid process.

The 1st Latin American MPS/Domino EF SYMJET hybrid flexo inkjet solution is a proven success at Flexoprint, with the expectation that two more presses will be installed at the same customer in the year ahead.

With the EF SYMJET here in Brazil, other potential customers are eager to learn more about hybrid printing and adapt to this concept of unrealized print capabilities, resulting in numerous business possibilities for us in 2019.

Digital Forum - Domino/MPS

On November 27th and 28th, the 1st Digital Printing Forum in Brazil will be held in São Paulo, hosted by Domino in partnership with MPS.

A presentation of the EF SYMJET hybrid flexo inkjet solution will be made by Coras do Brasil, with the goal of increasing awareness of the many advantages of this solution, and how it delivers the best of both worlds together in a future-proof solution.

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