Showing a non-traditional message in a traditional industry

With Labelexpo 2019 still fresh in my mind, and stress level lowered to a minimum, it’s time to write down some of my experiences.

Being in the label & packaging industry since 2015, I think I’m getting to know the industry quite well. This year’s Labelexpo Europe was my third, and I’ve led the A to Z organization of the event for MPS.

What I’ve noticed over the years, is that the label industry is quite traditional and technology-driven. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; I love how friendly and passionate people in this industry are! Also impressive are the many family-owned business, with generations of proud business owners working very hard every day.


A different exhibition approach

With MPS evolving as an organization, and growing explosively over the last years, it was time to think of a different message for this year’s show. So, we gathered a team with Sales, Service and Connectivity specialists and shared explorative brainstorm sessions.

We actually considered not bringing a press to Labelexpo. NO PRESS at all? Yep.

There is so much cost involved with bringing running machines to Brussels, for a show lasting only 4 days. It's amazing to think about how much we’re all spending on a traditional exposition like Labelexpo. Especially alongside other activities also needing marketing budget.

But, where else can you meet so many existing customers, supplier contacts, new decision makers, and industry friends…all in one place? 😃

In the end, the team decided that not bringing a press would likely disappoint show visitors. After all, most people come to Labelexpo Europe to evaluate running presses, and those that visit our stand would expect a live running MPS press, to see what it’s capable of.

So, we decided that’s what we wanted to show. Not just a press, but the results. Show what it’s capable of, and all we’re doing that goes beyond the press.

IngeSmolders_JohnBeltman_MPSA moment of fame for the PM team; with John Beltman, the technical
project manager for the Labelexpo project

Beyond the Machine

Our conclusion? Let’s do it differently!

Instead of bringing a line-up of machines costing hundreds of thousands of euros on a bigger booth and more equipment - this time, we decided on a non-traditional way.

We brought only one press to Labelexpo, but one that was fully loaded with a range of capabilities: flexo, digital inkjet (in a new, wider width), 4 different foil insertions; all in register, all in one pass. And most importantly? The machine was not our focus!

Our focus was what we offer to help printers achieve the best and complete lifecycle performance from their press: excellent Service, incredible Applications, higher Productivity and groundbreaking Connectivity. MPS goes Beyond the Machine, to improve our customers’ business.

Reinforcing the message

Maybe it’s because we were short on time (does that happen to you too, thinking you’re starting well in advance when organizing a big event?). Maybe it’s a different approach that people are still getting used to. But it’s clear that our Beyond the Machine concept still needs further explanation.

We didn’t expect everyone to immediately understand what we’re trying to say. So, we’ll continue to reinforce the message with more articles, videos, presentations, and personal explanations by our sales team.

Personally, I really believe in this concept, and I think we’ve been successful in showing a different and fresh view on machine building.

Visit our dedicated page for Beyond the Machine and stay tuned for more!

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