Understanding the true value of a label printing press

Investing in a label printing press is a big decision. As a printer, there are many factors to consider before purchasing your next press, well beyond the selling price.

How the press will perform — in the long term — should be your top concern. At MPS, our presses are all designed and built with focus on the operator to improve productivity in the forefront, and our innovations over the years prove that.         

In this blog, I’ll walk you through the features of MPS presses and how they reduce time, waste, and can help your business consistently produce high quality labels.

Operator Focused, Results Driven

These days, with highly skilled operators harder to come by and retain, it’s extremely important to win them over on your press functionality and productivity. They need to enjoy operating the press and take pride in the results of each print run! 

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That’s why we build each of our presses with
the operator in mind, including automation
technology that simplifies operator control
of the press and reduces set-up waste.

For example, our iControl dial technology,
located on every print station, has a small
touch screen and dial with intuitive reference clicks for machine and register mode indicators to greatly simplify machine control and operation. For fine adjustment of print settings, the iSet pressure setting features a user-friendly way to regulate settings between impression, print and the anilox rollers, without influencing each other.

For advanced automation, our Automatic Print Control (APC) option includes easy to slide out ink drawers making changing print jobs and inking elements much more convenient, and also provides the opportunity to prepare an idle unit for the next print job.

Your operator will also appreciate our colored touch screens and Ultraflex ergonomic rail system that provides great flexibility and ease in positioning your rail units in different positions.

Repeatable print quality

In addition to a user-friendly design, we focus on innovations that will deliver reliable and repeatable print quality with every job.


One MPS innovation that achieves this goal is Crisp.Dot,
which uses a free-running impression roller for a
frictionless print momentum to improve print
quality by reducing dot gain and preventing gear
marking or barring. This free-running impression
cylinder moves independently to adjust for
changes in substrate thickness.

Press feedback is available with the APC option, for
accurate, real-time data regarding the position of
the anilox and print sleeve at each print station —
which your operator will appreciate.

Lowest cost per 1,000 labels

As I mentioned, there are many factors to consider that go far beyond the selling price of a press.

Think of a press like an iceberg — there is much more depth to it than what the eye sees. To really understand the value of the press you’re investing in, it’s important to delve into more details of what your press will deliver over time, to truly understand it’s true worth.

The lowest cost per 1,000 labels is the philosophy behind every press MPS builds.

I’ll explain more about calculating a press’ ROI to uncover what is hidden below that iceberg in my next blog!

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