The importance of Doctor blades

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What are Doctor blades?

Most customers don't know the brand of their doctor blade when asked. 

Doctor blades are thin, flat pieces of metal or plastic used in printing processes such as flexo and gravure printing. They play a crucial role in controlling the amount of ink transferred to the printing cylinder by removing excess ink as the cylinder rotates and supplies ink. Doctor blades act as metering devices, ensuring consistent ink transfer and uniform printing. They are commonly made of steel or plastic and come in different shapes, thicknesses, and materials to meet specific printing needs. 

Doctor blades play a crucial role in flexo printing as they regulate the amount of ink transferred to the printing cylinder by removing excess ink as it rotates and supplies ink. They act as metering blades.

The importance of Doctor blades

Don't overlook the importance of a good doctor blade. For example, if you use thick pigment ink, the blade should be able to withstand the wear and tear of the pigment. This also applies to water-based inks and humidity in the environment, and the blade should be resistant to corrosion and water. Poor quality blades can cause vibration and score lines during printing, but a good blade can prevent production disasters.

Doctor blades from Swedev

MPS is known for working with the best brands in the market, and we offer advice to customers based on our experience and product performance. We use high-end Swedev H9 blades with a bevel and 25 thickness for our printing. 
Swedev AB is a trusted partner in the industry, and we want our customers to get the same benefits from their products that we do. Swedcut® doctor blades for gravure and flexo printing are made by Swedev, a Swedish company with extensive experience in product development and production in a highly specialized industry. 
As a Swedev doctor blade provider, MPS invites all customers to try our product for themselves. 

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