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Konnektivität und Datenaustausch können die gesamte Lieferkette verändern.

Dies ist ein Artikel von Mike Fairly, veröffentlicht von Labels & Labelling.


Die Organisation, Verwaltung, Produktion, Leistung und Effizienz einer Etikettenproduktion hat sich in den letzten 40 Jahren dramatisch verb...

31.01.22 08:00 AM - Comment(s)

As you could see in FAQ Friday #18, stable web tension is important – for consistent high print quality without adjustments by the operator, and minimum waste of material and time for the best results. 
When incorrect web tension is applied to the material, this has (negative) influence to;

  • Regis...
30.08.18 07:00 AM - Comment(s)

Many different parameters influence the cost price per 1000 labels:

  • the press itself;
  • pre-press work;
  • post-press work;
  • the operators.

Yet, studies have proven that a motivated operator is the most important parameter in the printing process. Therefore, operators are the biggest asset or the biggest disso...

21.02.18 08:00 AM - Comment(s)

As a production leader, your main responsibilities are meeting shipping dates, realising short delivery and lead times, consistent print quality and the lowest cost price. To accomplish these objectives, it’s crucial to optimally control your printing process. A manually controlled printing process ...

10.01.18 08:00 AM - Comment(s)