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How the Internet of Things can generate more profit for label printers

We are in the midst of the 4thindustrial revolution, a revolution driven by sensor technology and data transmission. A quantum leap was achieved when manufacturing equipment was fitted with sensor technology and individual units enabled with the ability to exchange data.z

The result was far-reaching ...

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New! Your personal virtual coach within MPSConnect

MPS’ connectivity & performance services are intended to unleash the full potential of the MPS machines in the world.

We provide insights about the performance of your machine(s), we connect and actively work with you to translate these insights into business improvements. This is made possible w...

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New! Benchmark monitor

MPS’ connectivity & performance services are intended to unleash the full potential of the MPS machines in the world.

We provide insights about the performance of your machine(s), we connect and actively work with you to translate these insights into business improvements. This is made possible w...

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In meinem ersten Blog aus einer Serie, die sich mit der Wartung moderner Flexodruckmaschinen befasst, habe ich über meine Überzeugung von (präventiver) Wartung und Service gesprochen, die auf meinen persönlichen Beobachtungen von Schmalbahn-Flexodruckmaschinen in der Praxis und Gesprächen mit Kunden...

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How do you keep ahead in a highly competitive market?

That’s a question printers in the label industry often ask themselves. Other than short lead times and the lowest cost price, a high-quality image is everything.

To elevate your labels and stand out from competitors, silk screen label printing is a...

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At the recent FlexoTech Awards black-tie ceremony, held 13 October 2021 at the Royal Lancaster in London, The Label Makers won two awards for labels printed on one of their numerous MPS flexo presses.

Since travel has been picking up a bit more after times of staying at home, one of the most as...

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“Wait a minute! Did that dog just wink at me?” you ask as you stroll down the aisle of a store. Before you know it, you’ve stopped in your tracks, picked up the item, and spent a minute or two being fascinated with the 3D label. What are the odds of you buying that item based on the label alon...

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When deciding what printing technology is best for your company for label printing, letterpress or flexographic are often considered.

Since every printing job has a unique set of requirements, choosing which printing technology to use can be challenging. To assist with your decision process, al...

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Every printing job has a different set of needs.

In the label printing industry, there are mainly two factors that determine which printing technique is best for your company: quality and cost.

Flexo and offset are two of the most popular printing processes in this industry. But when is either...

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Flexographic printing has grown to be the most used print technology in the label printing industry today. It provides the optimal combination in quality, productivity, and flexibility.

But what is flexo printing and how does it work?

This blog provides an introduction to flexo and how it can be a v...

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The operation and drive of the print cylinder can be either gear-driven using straight or helical-cut gears, or servo-driven.

Gear-driven print cylinders are becoming less common due to new technologies and are more common on older presses. Servo-driven print cylinder presses are now being adopted by...

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There are multiple ways of cleaning your rotary screen and preparing it for re-coating to be ready for the next job.

When cleaning, care must be taken not to puncture or crease the screen as once a screen is damaged it’s rendered useless. An automatic screen-cleaning machine is a good solution to min...

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In printing, cleaning is not just the wash-up part of the job but an essential part of keeping your flexo plates, print stations, and anilox rolls maintained and performing as intended.

The use of correct solvents and wash solutions is also critical for longevity.

Many cleaning methods are available. ...

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Due to the current situation with Covid-19, training and press demonstrations has gone from hands-on, face-to-face to online using Microsoft Teams or other types of video conferencing.

This is still an effective way to receive training or see a press demonstration, though it’s not as comprehensive as...

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One of the most important elements of printing is quality.

Even the best printers can miss defects, especially if they are small. Printers can also become complacent, which happens more than one might think, mainly on so-called easy jobs such as those with just one or a few colours. In my experience...

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There are many different opinions regarding which doctor blades and thickness to use.

From my experience and conversations with other manufacturing companies, a thinner blade is more commonly used for a low viscosity ink whereas a thicker blade is used for UV, thicker viscosity inks, and adhesives. I...

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Wine and spirit labels are among the highest quality labels printed.

Their designs, embellishments and complex shapes make them a great technical challenge. With all this and more to consider it can be very challenging and sometimes stressful for the printer. But also very rewarding when the labels r...

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The offset lithographic printing process, commonly known as offset, has been around since 1796 and invented by a German author and actor, Alois Senefelder, as a cheap method of producing theatrical artwork. It was originally done on a flat stone or metal surface.

Today, there are different types of ...

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In 1890, the first flexographic printing press was patented by Bibby, Baron and Sons out of Liverpool England.

Around 1990 is when big advancements in flexography began, as more companies started shifting to this printing process for flexibility and access to a wider variety of jobs and customers.


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The process and idea of punching seems simple, but it requires precision in the set-up.

Tooling tolerances and specifications are quite complicated, precise, and can be expensive. Therefore, the correct training and set-up of the punching units is critical to the life span of the tooling and punchin...

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