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For 25 years, MPS has constantly advanced their presses with innovative technologies in response to customer feedback, market demand, and industry developments.

In response to changing needs and market developments in the industry, in 2021 MPS embraced a new corporate vision and brand identity with ‘...

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Im letzten Artikel haben wir besprochen, wie MPSConnect rund um die Uhr wertvolle Erkenntnisse liefert.

Mit MPSConnect platzieren wir Hunderte von Sensoren in den Druckmaschinen, führen Datenanalysen durch und geben diese Informationen an unsere Kunden weiter. Auf diese Weise wissen wir genau, wie Ih...

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Vor kurzem haben wir Connect to Grow als unser neues Markenversprechen eingeführt, das mit unserer neuen Vision übereinstimmt.

Aber was bedeutet das? Mit meiner Erfahrung im Bereich des Maschinenlernens bin ich eng in die Entwicklung dieser neuen Strategie eingebunden.

Warum sind Maschinendaten so wic...

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A common challenge label printing companies face today is how to achieve and maintain a lucrative cost in their overall label and packaging print production.

Hybrid printing brings many benefits to label and packaging printers, as several printing technologies and converting techniques can be combine...

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Did you know that….?

Fact #1:
Many printing presses are standing still nearly 70% of the time. This downtime is due to lower speeds, long change-overs, unmanned machines and administration time. This is a significant amount of downtime and lost revenue that many people aren’t aware of.

Fact #2:
For man...

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I love it when a plan comes together!

The MPS Grand Prix of Performance was successfully held on June 10th, 2021. It was our first hosted virtual event that included a unique 8-hour live label production challenge streamed throughout the day on YouTube.

Over 300 participants from more than 20 countrie...

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In the last article, we discussed how MPSConnect provides 24-7 valuable insights at your fingertips.

With MPSConnect, we place hundreds of sensors in the presses, perform data analysis, and feed that information back to our customers. This help us know exactly how your printing press is performing, ...

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We recently introduced Connect to Grow as our new brand promise, aligned to our new vision.

But what does this mean? Bringing experience with machine learning, I'm closely involved in the development of this new strategy.

Why are machine data so important? We found out that most customers do receive m...

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This is an article published by Print Innovation Asia.

PIA sat down with Atze Bosma, CEO of MPS Systems, to discuss the company’s ‘Beyond the Machine’ concept and what this means to the label industry. By Sha Jumari.


Headquartered in The Netherlands, MPS Systems is a manufacturer of flexo, of...

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Connectivity and data flow can revolutionize the whole supply chain

This is an article by Mike Fairly, published by Labels & Labelling.

The organization, administration, production, performance and efficiency of a label plant has improved dramatically over the past 40 years as advances in computer...

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"The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented," is a quote from Dennis Gabor, known for inventing holography in 1949, for which he received the Nobel Prize.

In our industry, I believe it’s possible to make a fair and educated guess about what the future holds by comparing the...

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Faster production, shorter changeovers, less waste and measurable savings – multi-system, multi-device connectivity and data exchange is the way forward. Piotr Wnuk reports. This is an article published by Labels & Labeling

Technology and connectivity continue to develop rapidly, with their imple...

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COVID-19 is significantly impacting all industries around the world.

Many companies are switching more of their business from offline to online. Before COVID, we never expected exhibitions could be organized virtually. And now, virtual exhibitions are the common alternative until we can meet again ph...

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We’ve been talking about Big Data, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 for so many years.

In our daily life, it’s happening all around us. Take a look at our cars, televisions and even our refrigerators. More and more intelligent products and services will be introduced int...

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Price VS Productivity

A question we often hear when talking to printers is this: Should I buy the low-cost printing press or the higher-priced productive machine?

While each option has its pros and cons, a lower cost press is typically less automated and robust than a higher priced productive machine with more bells and w...

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In these harsh times where all certainties become uncertain, I’d like to emphasize the value of data-driven remote service.

In the old days, we were keen to check-in on our customer around the corner, drink a cup of coffee and help solve any problems. This was personal, friendly and pleasant but also...

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Nowadays, the buzz in the printing industry is all about digital and hybrid printing technologies. But fact remains, flexo is still the leading technology in the narrow web market. While a lot of people in our industry predict that digital technology will completely replace flexo in the future, I wo...

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Mike Fairley (2)We asked Mike Fairley, founder and strategic consultant of Labels & Labeling, to share his vision on the current trends and the future of the label industry. Learn more from his expertise in this guest blog!


The self-adhesive label industry has been one of almost continuous abov...

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It’s impossible to imagine life without the Internet.

Our smartphones, laptops, tablets and even our cars are connected. The internet makes communicating, finding information and doing business easy. And, communication is no longer restricted to just people. We can now communicate with our devices a...

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A streamlined printing process on the print shop floor, that’s what you are looking for as a production leader. To achieve that goal, you need a stable and predictive flexo printing process with consistent high-quality output. That’s obviously easier said than done, as many factors influence the lev...

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